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Take CNS measurements to the next level

Reliability & repeatablility
Flexible scheduling & execution
Proven safety case
Reduced frequency of flight checks
Minimal operational impact
Reduced costs

SkyRF® is the drone platform delivering radio frequency (RF) measurement services for performance analysis on Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) installations.

The dedicated equipment onboard SkyRF and the software platform were specifically built for measuring NavAids and Radar performance in the field. Measuring and analyzing signals at elevation was never before so easy, accurate and reliable.

SkyRF complements ground measurements and reduces the need for flight checks by up to 50%.

SkyRF supports
Commissioning, Certification and Maintenance




SkyRF operates manufacturer independent and is available for ANSP’s and military operations of CNS NavAids and Radar.
SkyRF is a joined service of Intersoft Electronics® Services and Skyguide.

We make the sky safer